Girls 4 Purity


Purity- what is it? In this word there is a depth. Most importantly, purity is freedom from any mixtures or modifying additives. God is changing our lives to be more like Him, by purifying and cleansing our hearts. We all have mixtures in our lives such as hatred, unforgiveness, and betrayal. We need to take a stand for purity in our world that sees immorality as a norm. We will not be kept silent, we will stand up for God’s truth. We all want to be in the will of God, but not everyone is willing to pay the price. We are willing to pay the price. Our first meeting was on April 26, 2011. We are grateful to God that He started this ministry and that He is leading it. We can see it and feel it.Every time we meet, at every single prayer, God just comes and blesses us with His amazing love. Every service girls make decisions toward God, hearts are changed, and unity in God comes. It’s amazing that God can encourage, heal, and lift up girls through this ministry. We are blessed to be in the will of God, and we know this is our calling. We believe that God will use this ministry, starting from this church, and go outside of this church to help young girls to stand strong for God’s purity. Our prayer to God is for Him to guide us through our lives, may He help us complete His will for our lives 100%.

i68 Youth