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In today’s society, the image of a man has become perverted. Nobody looks at the word of god to see what the characteristics are of a real man. That’s why we take the time during this bible study to dive into the word of God, to get insight and understanding on how to walk with integrity, as well as to understand the God of the Word. And you know we’re not leaving on an empty stomach… – Denis

Group is a great place to support each other in the reading and studying of the Word of God. The goal is to inspire and encourage one another to go deeper in God and understanding of His ways and His will for our lives.  Our desire is to continuously change and become more Christ-like. – Marina

Home group is a place where a person can grow stronger in God, by getting to know themselves through the Bible.  The main point is to connect with girls, help them grow in God, and help them to see God’s plan for their lives through the Bible. It’s a time of peace and joy in a busy/crazy world. – Luda



Andrey Gudev – Guys ages 8-13. Tuesday 7pm

Denis Kononov – Guys ages 14-20. Thursday 7pm

Luda Nefodov – Girls ages 12-16 Thursday 7pm

Katie Kononov – Girls ages 14-20 Tuesday 7pm

Marina Bakhshyiev – Girls ages 18-25. Tuesday 7pm

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